5-Evening Habits Of Successful Remote Working Individuals

Lifestyle Aug 26, 2020

When people come to the realisation that others work remotely full-time and set their own schedule, the conversation is often led by, “you’re so lucky!” followed by, “you must have great self control, I would end up side-tracked by dirty dishes or my never-ending pile of laundry.”

It may appear that remote working individuals have higher levels of self-discipline or drive than others. However, what we have isn’t more willpower or passion for productivity – it’s daily habits and routines that we rely-on because we know we’re just one harmless peek at our notifications away from getting absolutely nothing crossed off our to-do lists for the day.

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘the early bird gets the worm’. But, what about the evening habits? The evening is a crucial period of resetting, and maximising the use of that time can do wonders. Here are 5-evening habits that can help to plan a more productive ‘tomorrow’.

Organize your to-do-list

Having a plan of action can really benefit the tasks set for the day ahead. It’s incredibly difficult to remember anything and everything you need to do, so why not write them all down in a journal or a to-do list? Successful individuals know the importance of a well-planned day and this allows them to enjoy themselves in the evening. Before you go to bed, grab a planner or a notebook and write down your goals and to-do’s for tomorrow.

Move your body

After a long day deep in your laptop, it is crucial you go out and get your blood flowing. Exercise benefits your body, mind, and spirit to help you maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.To be more productive in your daily endeavours, try adding in at least a 30-minute workout into your daily routine.

Declutter your workspace

One of the big inhibitors of productivity is a disorganised workspace. Although this may not be a conscious burden on you throughout the day, a messy workspace can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for, which can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Take a few minutes each night to organise your belongings. Shred old paperwork, listen to those voicemails you’ve been putting off and empty out your ‘junk’ email folder.

Relax through meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to relieve the tension that builds up in the body and mind during the work day. Meditating after work also creates a helpful, clear boundary between your active work life and your personal life. This will allow you to get into the right headspace to leave work behind for the evening and be more available for the other important things in your life, such as your friends and family.

Read a book

Whether it’s a few paragraphs or a few chapters, doing so helps to relieve stress levels and to boost cognitive function, all the while creating new knowledge from which the next great innovation might spring. Spend some time every night before bed reading on any subject. The stimulation can work wonders for creating new connections between work and play, bringing you one step closer to the next big break.