5 Remedies For Lack Of Creativity

Lifestyle May 12, 2020

Creativity. A characteristic known to bring both small and large businesses long-term success. With this being said, fostering creativity in the workforce can prove to be challenging. The good news? Creativity comes in all different colours, shapes and forms. We’ve searched high and low for these 5 remedies for lack of creativity in the workforce.

Get Curious.

A huge part of creativity is curiosity. Use curiosity to explore why and how things are happening. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get your team involved in creative learning exercises. It’s important to actively seek out new sources of knowledge, weather this be from a book or podcast, there’s always more to learn. We suggest ‘How I Built This’, a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists.

Draw The Strategy.

That’s right. Don’t write it, draw it. Getting out the old pen and paper allows your mind to think differently. One of the best ways to help problem solve and contribute to new ideas is to draw them out. In doing so, an individual is taking advantage of the ability to see things from a different perspective, with both the eyes and mind.

Unplug Often.

In many situations, your best ideas will come to you when you’re not whacking your brain trying to come up with your next big idea. Catch some z’s. A good night of rest will help you to be more productive and creative. If your creativity is lacking, unplug. Relax. Let your brain do its magic.

Cultivate Positivity.

Positive emotions have been found to help broaden thinking. Additionally, positivity helps build capacity to see more possibilities and think in a more creative manner. Foster high-quality relationships with others in the workforce. In terms of keeping employees productive, you need to ensure they’re happy, open to collaboration and able to express their creativity.

Get Healthy.

Take time at lunch to work out. Bring vegetables to meetings instead of crisps. Get a hot yoga session in after work. The average individual will sit between 6 and 14 hours a day - crazy, right? This is terrible for your mood, meaning it can have a devastating effect on your creativity. Host a walking meeting. By doing so, you will have a more creative and engaged team ready to tackle the day.