A Fiverr Success Story: Freelance-Mom Edition

Lifestyle Dec 18, 2020

At WorkClub, we’re incredibly fortunate to create and nurture some amazing partnership opportunities. Fiverr is changing the way the world works and connects businesses with freelancers across the globe offering services in 300+ categories.

As we come to end of a year like no other, we wanted to get some real-life perspectives from Fiverr freelancers who are also working parents. So, we caught up with the lovely Siren and Cigdem who've been running Social Recipe since early 2019, and are dedicated to helping small businesses ace social media.

Over to them..

Tell us more about your freelancer journey!

Siren: I've worked as a marketing director in a big media conglomerate for around ten years. So, I was in a working environment as far from freelancing as can be.

At some point, I decided to do an MBA and moved to London, and right around then, I learned I was pregnant. So I had my baby, while I was studying full time in a foreign country without much of a support network.

Having graduated, I found myself wanting to be at home as much as possible. I wanted to be able to have the flexibility to work throughout the night to be able to spend time with my daughter the next day. That's how I started freelancing and fell in love with the freedom it brought.

Cigdem: My freelancer journey started 15 years ago as a fashion stylist. Then I moved to London and did my master's degree in fashion business management and started freelancing for a small fashion company as a content creator. I always loved being my own boss, for me freelancing means; flexibility, living "off-peak", most importantly, endless possibilities.

What's it like being a working parent and freelancer?

Siren: Well, if I need to be honest, I think being a working mum, one finds herself breaking some eggs along the way. There is no way to carry them all without breaking any. First, you need to know and accept that. It may be letting your kid get a bit too much screen time one day or having a toddler barging in and sitting with you in front of the computer in one of your meetings.

Being a freelancer gives you the freedom to choose the projects you want to work on and manage your own time. I believe it is the best solution. I know I am working a lot, and my daughter knows that too, but she also knows we can sneak out to the beach for a long walk, when we want to!

Cigdem: I've recently become a mother and it is the most challenging time of my life as I gave birth during a pandemic, and I don't have maternity leave. Thanks to Siren, she covered me and supported me during the first months. I think having a colleague who is also a mother, helped me a lot. I started working part-time three weeks after the birth, which was pretty hard, though, funnily enough, working kept me sane during these times. I think being a mother and freelancer, I live a double life between the peek-a-boos and zoom meetings.

What's the secret to your success? Are there any habits or mantras you swear by?

Siren: I have my day compartmentalised. I try to be as present as I can be to whatever I am doing at any particular time. It keeps me sane, the work to a high standard and my daughter happy.

Cigdem: Before the baby, it was having a routine and being disciplined. I was waking up early every day, walking the dog and doing my yoga before work. Now my success is being able to work whilst breastfeeding or between naps and cries.

How did you keep your sanity intact during the pandemic as a working parent?

Siren: Oh, I was so lucky that my mum was visiting us during the lockdown. She was the best playmate, and I was the perfect freelancer during the lockdown.

Cigdem: Taking on more jobs was the best distraction!

What are your top tips for anyone thinking of freelancing or just starting out? Anything you wish you'd known when you started out on this journey?

Two years ago, we joined our forces and started up a business together, which made our lives so much easier. We’re now partners in crime!

We started up a boutique social media agency "Social Recipe". Our business was born and raised on Fiverr.

We started on Fiverr in January 2019, and since then we have served a tad short of 100 clients through the platform. Fiverr is still our main channel of acquisition. It works better for us than other channels. It makes our sales process manageable as we do not need to worry about the pipeline, the collection and the process management as Fiverr has simple systems in place for all that. We just do what we love to do.

Our 2-tips: Freelancing can feel a bit too lonely at times. Creating small hubs of partnerships could be helpful in every sense. Don't be afraid to ask for help! And --use Fiverr to make your lives easier, from finding projects that you’ll love to work on, to finding partners for collaboration.

What's on your work wishlist from Santa this year?

We’d ask Santa to send continuous childcare our way!