Benefits of Hosting an Offsite Team Meeting

Remote Work May 12, 2020

Offsite meetings are to work what holidays are to life - fun, creative, inspirational, unpredictable, and so much more. They strengthen bonds between team members, while encouraging openness to new ideas and experiences.

Going on holiday doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with your house. It simply means that you need (or want) a change of atmosphere where you will gain new knowledge and experiences.

Similarly, when switch up your normal office meeting location, you’re inviting a new form of energy and perspective. Stepping out of your regular comfort zone can take you, and your team, a very long way. Below are just a few of the benefits of hosting your next team meeting offsite.

New streams of creativity

An offsite meeting is a great opportunity to take advantage of the resources you are not used to in your regular daily office. At WorkClub, we create modern coworking environments that will help you and your team thrive. It’s a great time to try out new techniques that will take your teams overall creativity to the next level. An offsite meeting allows for team collaboration and bonding experiences that will aid in growth and knowledge.

By taking your team out of their everyday setting it can give them, and you, a fresh perspective on old problems.

Increased productivity levels

An offsite meeting improves productivity by reducing the likelihood of workspace interruptions. According to Forbes, 51% of workers said they were were not engaged with 17% of workers saying they were disengaged within their usual office setting.

Hosting your team meeting offsite implies importance to attendees, so you can expect that the team will be more focused and interruptions less likely. Distractions that affect meetings can take the form of colleagues interrupting, a meeting room being double-booked, non-attendance or disruptions due to phone calls.

With an offsite meeting, your team will be aware that a venue has been booked and an agenda is in place.

Build and strengthen team connections

We all have our office ‘group’ - a very reliable handful group of people we can talk to in regards to just about anything.

In contrast, an offsite meeting is a powerful opportunity to reinforce existing connections, while creating new ones. The right team bonding exercise can take workflow to another level and leave all team members feeling involved, important and part of something much bigger.

Promote new learning streams

An off-site meeting or conference allows you to vary your meeting style and try something new. A different environment, with perhaps a bigger area, allows you to promote interactive learning.

As mentioned previously, team exercises are a great activity to get everyone involved. But, you can also introduce new ways of communicating through only communicating through actions or perhaps by organising a standing up meeting, or a meeting over a game of rugby or team walk. These types of elements help colleagues build lasting relationships thus improving morale and improve teamwork, ultimately benefiting the business.

The benefits of off-site meetings are clear. They’re a great way to enhance the normal working week, which may sometimes become repetitive.

At WorkClub, we invite you to switch up your daily office setting and become part of our thriving community.