Building The WorkClub Brand

Remote Work May 12, 2020

You may have noticed that WorkClub has a new lick of paint. Over the past 3 months, we’ve been working with our branding partners, Notepad, to strengthen our positioning and messaging, and develop our new brand identity. We asked the Notepad team to write up a short blog about the journey we’ve been on to launch the new and improved WorkClub.

Building the brand that best serves the flexible working movement in London

There has been a noticeable shift in society’s opinion towards work and the role of the workplace. Once the domain of small teams and startups doing their best to keep expenses to a minimum, flexible working has now started attracting big businesses with a progressive mindset and the drive to create the best working conditions for the diverse needs of their workforce.

Advancements in technology and communication services, co-working and remote working spaces have become extremely popular amongst the changing workforce. By 2025, flexible working will surpass fixed office working. Rethinking how professionals tackle their workload is at the forefront of most professions today

In a recent article on, PWC stated that “flexibility is not about working less, but it is about encouraging people to work differently. It’s a two-way street. When done right, flexibility results in a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. And it helps attract the best employees, and makes them want to stick around.”

With more and more people switching to flexible work, many co-working spaces have sprung up around the city to cater for the rise is flexible working employees.

The rebranding journey with Notepad

We met up with WorkClub at a pivotal moment in their startup’s growth. The team was working hard to start lining up a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube. Their aim was to raise cash in order to bolster their platform, improving areas like the customer experience whilst having the leg room to scale up its operations.

WorkClub wanted us to help them scale up their business, by refining their positioning and messaging. to design a brand that would peak the interest of potential investors and build better value for establishments and members alike.

To help the WorkClub fulfill their ambition, we undertook a comprehensive research process to establish a clear direction moving forwards.

We kicked off the process with a workshop with WorkClub’s senior leadership team to develop an initial understanding on the state of the brand. We discussed many aspects of the brand and the business to date, its purpose, its positioning, and the vision for the next 20 years. Following the workshop, we went deep on market research, customer interviews and in depth brand validation.

The process involved listening to what past and existing members had to say about the existing WorkClub, and then exploring the implications of market trends in the flexible working arena.

We established a better understanding of the strengths and opportunities of WorkClub based on a deep understanding of competing market players. We identified key insights and made our strategic recommendations for the future of WorkClub’s brand.

'Work where you work best'

From here, we got cracking on WorkClub’s new brand strategy and messaging. Our shared vision was to create the world’s largest network of flexible working spaces by filling premium empty spaces with modern day workers.

To get there, WorkClub needed to outperform a number of close competitors and alternative workspace providers. Success would come down to the strength of the brand proposition we built, and our ability to scale rapidly but organically.

We pinned down an internal proposition and new uncontested market positioning. Being part of a movement and a community of flexible workers, that are in the know, that are excelling together in work and in life

With this in mind, we landed on the tagline, ‘Work where you work best’. We believe it’s the right summation of all that the business stands for today and what it has set out to provide for its members. It is a direct and hard hitting statement that encourages people to go out, to explore their world and find where they work best or do their best work. It is a mature, forward looking and refreshed way of working, that builds new connections, create new experiences and pushes the working world forwards. It blends work with life, and success with enjoyment.

An identity to cut through the noise

With the strategy, messaging and positioning aligned, our next job was to bring the brand to life visually. The co-working environment is full of a lot of brands that look and feel the same. Our ambition with WorkClub’s new brand identity was to develop a system that cuts through the noise, but also stands the test of time.

The new neutral colour palette sits in contrast to other coworking providers and gives us an identity that works for our ambitions to build the largest workspace outside of the workplace.

Taking inspiration from old-school clubhouses, the new identity is modern and playful but really lets the beautiful WorkClub venues shine through without having to fight for attention. The new logomark uses a placefinder icon to signal that as a business, we’re all about great locations - and helping our members find those locations.

Rolling out the new brand

With the identity ready to go, we’re delighted to now be partnered with the WorkClub team for the long haul to help them secure their first round of investment on Crowdcube, and scale the brand both nationally and internationally over the next 3 years.

Invest in WorkClub and be part of our future

Working where you work best is now possible with WorkClub! If you want to invest in WorkClub and become part of the flexible working movement please get in touch for early VIP access.