Combat Loneliness at WorkClub

Remote Work May 12, 2020

Remote working has its many benefits; choosing your own hours, reduced commute time, and more control over your own workspace, to name just a few. But, as any remote worker will explain, there are considerable challenges that follow.

One problem that isn’t always widely discussed is the feeling of loneliness and the negative health effects this can have on an individual. According to The New York Times, “loneliness can impair health by raising levels of stress hormones and inflammation, which in turn can increase the risk of heart disease, arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, dementia and even suicide attempts.” (Jane Brody, 2017)

One way to combat the feeling of loneliness is through coworking. By doing so, an individual will be part of a community with like-minded startups, entrepreneurs, and more where he or she can interact with others on a daily basis. At WorkClub, we invite our members to work alone, together.

In addition to having a fully-equipped workspace, individuals who join our coworking community create social ties and valuable relationships with other members. Coworking presents an array of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and to grow your personal network. As our clubs continue to grow, so does the diversity throughout.

At WorkClub, there is truly something for everyone in terms of who you will meet and where your next meeting could take you. With spacious clubs and an array of seating options, you can have your coffee with another individual, rather than by yourself.

The coworking industry as a whole has been booming over the past few years. According to the others, by the year 2020, there is to be an estimated 40-million coworking members in the United Kingdom alone. As humans, we are naturally social creatures. Regardless of the many advances in the world of working remotely, this won't change.

Coworking isn’t just a phase, it’s a lifestyle. Some individuals even go as far as stating, “Coworking is not a workspace industry; it’s a happiness industry". By joining WorkClub you will no longer have to deal with the feeling of isolation and loneliness. We encourage members to engage with our active community, to become more productive and to allow all of us to work smarter, not harder.