Decreasing Carbon Footprint with Coworking

Remote Work May 12, 2020

As larger companies have been transitioning to the use of coworking spaces, the demand for space has risen. With the increase in demand, there has been a steady decline in the use of public transportation. Although this may seem negative, if you look at the big picture, there are several positive outcomes to this effect. These days, saving the environment and going green can be seen as one of the biggest movements around the globe. By using coworking spaces, there are several ways that you can decrease carbon footprint.

Less Driving

As people work closer to home, it makes sense to work somewhere that is walking distance. Overall, this leads to a lower use of personal vehicles, one of the biggest factors in contaminating the air. This way, one can get their daily walk in while keeping up with not only the globe’s health, but also your own.

Less Electricity

When companies have their own building and separate rooms for each sector, it only makes sense that more electricity is being utilised. When using a coworking space, the electricity in that one room provides power for a range of different mobile workers and/or companies. It may not seem obvious at first, but working in a coworking space decreases electricity waste.

More Efficiency

By sharing one large space, mobile workers are being more efficient with the space throughout the United Kingdom. With space that is now unoccupied because of coworking spaces, there’s more living space. As the population density in the United Kingdom grows, the number of living areas decreases. Various sources state that by 2030, it is possible that we run out of living space. As more and more people start to utilise coworking space, more living space can be provided.

More Comfort

As the use of coworking space grows, the use of public transportation has been decreasing. Is that always a bad thing though? Public transportations can become over-crowded during the usual commuting hours. Not only does the road get clogged, but the trains as well. With fewer people using public transport, individuals that need it have more space to breathe.Join WorkClub today and start utilising coworking spaces in the effort to help save the environment.