Digital Nomad Gift Guide: Holiday Edition

Lifestyle May 12, 2020

Christmas is quickly creeping up and you’re scrambling to find a gift for the digital nomad in your life who travels around the world, laptop in hand, supposedly working?

While the nomad lifestyle is one of abundance, it’s not necessarily a lifestyle fit for receiving gifts placed under the Christmas tree. More likely than not, your giftee won’t find it very convenient to pack up all those bulky presents for his/her next trip.

After all, figuring out what to buy for a digital nomad is quite easy when you realize digital nomads are keen on two things:

  1. Laptop
  2. WiFi

So, without further ado, here are 10-holiday gift ideas for the busy digital nomad in your life -

WiFi Range Extender

Ah, the frustration of having an out-of-reach WiFi signal. The NetGear WN300 (£29.99) is a universal WiFi range extender with smart LED indicators of of coverage levels. With an easy ‘plug and play’ setup, the device can be up and working within minutes, hassle free - a must for a busy nomad.

Portable Laptop Charger

A dead laptop is any digital nomads worst nightmare. The Anker PowerCore+ 26,800 (£89.99) portable charger is one of the world's highest capacity portable chargers. It can charge the iPhone 9 times, the Galaxy 7 times or the MacBook more than three times. That’s a win right there in itself.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

One of the least pleasurable aspects of taking a phone call while out and about is background noise. Apple AirPods Pro (£249.00) are the solution. With an incredibly light design, these noise-cancelling headphones, can block the outside environment for laser focus.

Digital Subscription

Lonely Planet (£39.50) is the Gold Standard in travel writing and inspiration. With travel inspiration that covers a broad range of global destinations including Vietnam, India, Iceland and more, dreaded plane rides will fly by. Plus, this won’t add any weight to luggage!

Collapsible Water Bottle

Having a water bottle will save time, money and plastic waste while on the road. The Valourgo Collapsible Water Bottle (£11.99) is made from BPA-free silicone, making usability and cleaning efficient. Not to mention, it’s unbreakable - any digital nomads best friend.

Gift Card

For any digital nomad who is rocking the hostel game, an Airbnb gift card is the perfect gift. One can find high-quality accommodation options with a not-so-high price tag!

Online Course

A digital nomad is always looking for new things to learn, and the advantage of online courses is that they can be taken while on the go. For quality online courses, Udemy (£9.99 and up) is the place to go. With over 100,000 online courses to choose from, there truly is something for everyone.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes truly are one of the best travel accessories you can own. A carry-on friendly option for packing everything, from socks to jackets, Amazon Basics packing cubes (£19.69) come as a set of four and offer ventilation with their mesh tops, plus lightweight fabric that won't weigh you down.

VPN Subscription

Just as you would put a lock on your front door, a traveling digital nomad should do the same for internet connection. A VPN encrypts your internet connection protecting you throughout the use of public WiFi. VyprVPN (£12.95 and up) safeguards your privacy with encryption protocols, secure DNS, and features like a personalized ‘Kill Switch’ just in case your connection drops.

Cable Organisers

If there’s one thing digital nomads don’t have a shortage of in their life, it’s cables and cords. This BagSmart cable organiser (£11.99) stows all loose cords and cables away in one safe place. It’s lightweight and space-saving - a perfect fit for traveling.