Embracing Change & Your ‘New Normal’

Remote Work Jun 09, 2020

Remote working has become the current talk of the town in the world of work - and it cannot be denied that the lessons learned from adapting to lockdown measures will continue to shape our 9-5’s for a long time.

This might suggest an abundance of consistency in our lives - but the prospective opening of the outside world also sparks an abundance of change for us, all of which we might find to be ‘quite difficult’; the CEO of Anxiety UK has described.

This is why we should praise our ‘New Normal’, as our newly shaped lifestyles provide opportunities to embrace the changes which await us. Some are positive too.

You have time to address the elephant in the room

It cannot be denied that the mutual downfall in our wellbeing as a society is echoed in the government’s recent £5 million extra funding for mental health organisations, according to Mind.

With the demand for support increasing, this will mean more of us seeking support from psychiatric and physical therapies, and less flexibility in securing an appointment that suits our schedules.

By continuing to embrace the New Normal, this will allow you to factor the flexibility in to get the help you might need - your wellbeing comes first.

Find value in the power of co-presence to eliminate looming loneliness

According to the Daily Business Group, the work-from-home lifestyle does not feed us the social fix that many of us need. Amidst lockdown, professionals have put their reduction in wellbeing down to lack of social interaction, isolation, and loneliness.

So, we are simply, lonely.

This does not mean that co-working spaces cannot account for this as soon as they open. You will finally be able to gain the co-presence and face-to-face interaction (2 metres apart) you have been craving among continuing to be even more productive than before (77% more, as said in a survey, according to Dealer Support Magazine).

Employee Wellbeing management is still here to stay

A survey looking at 350 HR leaders and other employees in April 2020 has revealed that organisations have ensured employee wellbeing in their most meaningful actions to support remote workers amid the COVID-19 crisis. More importantly, this has included promoting physical wellbeing and extending health benefits.

With this, the trend of providing flexible employee benefits to manage the mental, physical, and financial wellbeing has become more popular. Perkbox, for example, looks at providing home accessible benefits such as brand discounts, 24/7 online learning and wellness classes.  Although not currently accessible, Gymflex has been utilized to provide employees with catered gym passes to maintain their physical wellbeing.

If remote working is here to stay, then there is no doubt that this strengthened attitude in maintaining a promotion of work-life balance will cease to remain. Here is another positive change: you will finally be able access those free coffee and cinema benefits, too.

So, befriend the New Normal. Amongst this state of uncertainty, not only will it provide you a smooth transition back into society both psychologically and socially, but it will continue to be your ambassador in strengthening attitudes to employee wellbeing.

The future is bright.