Freelancers Don't Work For Free

Remote Work Jun 16, 2020

It’s nearing National Freelancers Day and here at WorkClub we want to discuss a topic that’s extremely important when it comes to self-worth and breaking into the freelance world: not working for free.

When someone starts a new job in a company, they don't have to spend the first month working for free.

So, why should it be any different for freelancers?

COVID19 has led to the sharp rise in redundancies, meaning we have a talent heavy and job short marketplace.  With that said, there is still no reason for skilled people to sell themselves short or for employers to devalue your work by asking for "free"/"almost free" work.

If anything, the freelance marketplace should be booming.

Brands and businesses have a unique opportunity to work with talented people on brand positioning, content, and digital awareness or advertising to a mass captive audience. Not only that, but freelancers can also cultivate the workforce being a #WFH master.

Low rates devalue the entire market and are the fastest way to job burnout, low quality work, and an inability to manage your time.

One of my close friends recently started freelancing, she went into freelancing for flexible working to be with her children more regularly (COVID19 has also helped with this) and has secured a contract with a tech business. She took me through her price structure and I was utterly baffled at how low it was. I asked her why she charged so little, she told me that it was because the tasks were easy and she didn’t want to charge a lot for something that she saw as simple.

This was when my #NoFreeWork voice kicked in, and I said: “if it was so easy, why didn’t the client do it themselves?”

It’s funny how we devalue our skills, no matter how qualified we are or how many years we’ve taken to craft that skill to the level.

Remember, if just anyone could do it, they wouldn’t be hiring you.

It may take time to find the clients that pay, but take the time.

Don’t settle for anything less because you’re worried about the current climate, keep positive, keep busy, we’ve got this.