Future Of Work Series: Featuring Sandy Wilkie

Future of Work Series Jan 19, 2021

In our latest blog series on ‘2021 and the future of work’ we spoke with several forward-thinking businesses and founders to gain insight into how their team has dealt with all of the abrupt changes 2020 sent their way, along with foreseeable trends for the upcoming year.

Next up is Sandy Wilkie, Founder & Co-Director at Greenhill Vista Ltd, an eclectic portfolio of workplace, culture, creativity & landscapes.

Over to him..

Please tell us a bit about yourself and the business you run.

I’m an HR/OD professional with over 22 years experience. I took severance from the NHS in Feb 2020 to set up Greenhill Vista Ltd with my business partner, Julie Griggs.

GHV has an eclectic portfolio of workplace, culture, creativity & landscapes, ranging from a global community of practice on workplace issues to a creative writing collective and bespoke whisky trips.

I’m doing this blog piece with my Greenhill HR hat on, our core HR/OD consultancy company!

What do you foresee the trends of 2021 being in terms of remote culture and engagement?

2021 is going to be a ‘moment of truth’ in many ways. 2020 has given many of us the taste for flexible working and online meetings. Post Covid-19, the new normal will bring the following issues with it:

Debates & dilemmas within organisations as to what are acceptable as workplaces; the kitchen table, corporate offices, flexible co-working spaces, etc?

Re-engaging with employees who have been working remotely in a socially distanced way.

Employees have taken ownership of how, when and where they work. How do employers respond now?

Employers will need to revisit their core values, how they reward staff and how they treat them. What kind of new workplace culture do they want to build?

To me, these big issues hint at the need to rethink the nature of the workplace.

In an effort to address these questions and more, I am working to build a global community of practice to explore and develop solutions. Our Greenhill Workplace tribe has 15 founding network members - and will grow incrementally each month to extend our reach at https://greenhill-hr.com/greenhill-workplace.

The trends for this next year will all feature elements of agility, flexible working, thinking outside the box and co-creation.

How have you/your business adapted and will you continue this into 2021 and beyond?

Our Greenhill Vista business and our portfolio brands were established in September 2020 against the backdrop of Covid-19 uncertainty. We are a values-led consultancy that is already adept at identifying client needs and exceeding them.

As the Greenhill HR/OD team, we are clear about the personal values that drive us. Five of these are our Greenhill Vista shared values: vision, making a difference, integrity, creativity and humour.

They guide our actions and interactions with customers, colleagues and our wider network of associates.

What top 3 businesses do you think have pivoted effectively during this time?

Arvato Financial Solutions, Waitrose, and Court Theatre Training Company.