How to Get Motivated Post-Holiday

Lifestyle May 12, 2020

Vacation hangover? We’ve all been there. Working as a freelancer takes a great deal of determination. It’s not always easy to wake up post-holiday to your usual morning alarm, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Whether you’re coming off a long weekend or just back from a sun-filled holiday, here are some motivational tips to get you going.

  1. Ease into it - Plan a transition day from holiday mode to work mode. If you’re going away for 10-days, plan on taking 11-days off. Having an extra day once back on the mainland gives your body and mind time to adjust back to a normal schedule. On day 11, take the morning to catch up on emails. This will help you to begin to ease back into the swing of things.
  1. Add accountability - As a freelancer, at times it can be easy to put off work. When you don’t have anyone to answer to on a tight schedule, it can be hard to find motivation. At this point, ask someone to give you accountability. Tell them you’re going to send them a draft of something you’re working on by Monday morning and ask them to hold you accountable for this. If you don’t like to let people down, accountability will get you moving.
  1. Prioritise the work - After not opening your computer for a few days, work can really start to pile up. The sheer number of emails that awaits you can, at times, be daunting. Conquer this fear by setting a reasonable goal - “I will go through my email and sort through any junk”. Once you’ve conquered this task, it’s onto the next. Pick one folder and start to slowly sift through the emails, responding when necessary. Start by choosing the smallest, least-threatening bit and go for it.
  1. Find a purpose - If you’re finding it hard to get motivated, it’s usually because there’s no driving purpose making you truly want to do the work. Are you working towards landing a new client? Perhaps your next big deal could land you a little (or big) bonus? Tap into the purpose of your work and find a reason to get moving.
  1. Get some rest - One of the biggest reasons individuals find themselves having trouble getting motivated is because they’re tired. Really tired. Rest as much as possible on your last day off. Have a slow morning, take a nap, do whatever you need to do in order to refresh and rejuvenate. This does not mean do nothing, but rest should be a  priority on your last day off.

As a professional, there are going to be times in life when you feel unmotivated, not just post-holiday. These tips will work for any of those times. Once you’re back on track in your regular working environment, you’ll feel great!