How to Stay Productive at WorkClub

Lifestyle May 12, 2020

Productivity is what we call “the zone”. The zone in which your mind can flourish and function in ways that are unique to every individual. At WorkClub, our goal is to allow our members to produce their best work while staying focused and disciplined throughout our range of clubs. Here are some productivity tips to keep you on top of your to-do list.

Get comfortable -

There’s nothing worse than getting into the zone and slowly realizing you are horribly uncomfortable. When the brain starts focusing on how uncomfortable we are, we start focusing on everything but work. Many of our clubs have couches and armchairs perfect for the seemingly never-ending work days. Check out WorkClub Old Street for an all around cozy experience.

Limit distractions -

Let’s be honest, there can be an abundance of distracting noise while working in a shared space.  Pop on your headphones to minimize interruptions. By wearing headphones, you cut down on the ambient sounds even if you choose to not play music. In addition, it warns others that you’re in focus mode. We suggest the playlist “Music for Concentration” on Spotify.

Plan a schedule -

Before you buckle down on work for the day, map out your tasks, goals, and work load. Sort out the tasks that you want to get done in the morning from the tasks you want to get done after lunch, and so on. We suggest starting your day with the smaller, less-complicated tasks, followed by more important and lengthy tasks. By doing this, you jump-start your brain into work mode and you are more likely to stay focused.

Take a break -

It may sound contradictory, but taking scheduled breaks can actually help improve concentration. Research has proven that taking several short breaks throughout the day helps to maintain a high level of performance. On the contrary, working throughout an entire day without taking any breaks tends to lead towards a lower level of performance. We suggest doing a few in-office exercises when you’re in need of a midday pick me up. Here are a few of our favourites from Forbes!

Being productive in your workspace is not about putting additional hours into your already busy work day. Instead take a step back and focus on these WorkClub tips and tricks to work smarter, not harder.