JustRemote + WorkClub

Lifestyle May 12, 2020

We talked with Tom from JustRemote, a startup that connects remote workers to jobs they love that they can do from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can you tell me a bit more about JustRemote? What is it that you do and what is your vision for the company?

Our mission at JustRemote is to build the most user-friendly platform for anyone seeking remote work. We want it to be easier than ever to find roles that fit people- no matter what their life stage. Our belief is that the life stage you are in plays a big part in defining what you want out of your work and at the moment current job sites (and even hiring companies) don’t really consider this.

Q: What sparked the idea to launch JustRemote?

Currently, 99% of all remote job websites follow the same format - they consist of a long list of jobs that you click in and out of to try and find things that are appropriate. Very few offer job filtering and when they do it’s normally full text search which means you’re never really sure what’s going to come back in the results. I felt like the most useful information was buried in job descriptions when really it should be available at a glance. I spoke with friends and found that they felt similarly and that overwhelmingly people want more flexibility in their life especially now that most office jobs can be completed from anywhere so long as you have a laptop and a phone. JustRemote really just developed from there and now we are speaking with companies about how we can help accelerate the shift to greater flexibility and remote work within their organisations so I’m glad to have launched the site.

Q: What milestones has JustRemote achieved?

We’ve launched! As a new company, and having left the safety net of years of contracting, I feel like even launching is a massive milestone. The site has been built from the ground up to allow us to properly break down the data and ensure that roles are both clearly presented and easily filterable. Alongside the website we’ve also built a full admin site that allows us to properly manage all of the key job and company data that enables our users to filter. Our next major milestone is now focused on growth and we are already gathering great traction and retaining users so we’re excited to see where we can take things.

Q: Where do you and your team do most of your work?

As you’d hope from a company promoting remote work, we all work remotely and I personally love working from co-working spaces and cafes. At co-working spaces, I always find that I have a bit more energy and am much more productive compared to when I’m working at home. I think it’s something about the buzz you feel in co-working spaces combined with the fact they’re comfortable and allow you to just crack on when you need to that makes them so great.

Q: What's next for JustRemote?

We are really focussing on getting our name out there in the next 6 months so it will be exciting to see what comes with more users feeding back to us. At the same time we are still adding features to make it easier than ever to find relevant roles and have plans up our sleeve to make the site a real hub of genuinely useful resources for remote workers. It’s an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to see where things go!