Naianna Robertsson - Founder Of Neurocompatible

Lifestyle Jul 14, 2020

Meditation is incredible for you.

But, just like how different sports enhance different parts of your body, different types of meditation have effects on different parts of your brain. Scientists have suggested that different types of meditation should be recommended according to what areas of your life need improving.

Meet Naianna Robertsson, founder of Neurocompatible, neuroscientist and a meditation and mindfulness teacher. She is driven by the conviction that each of us have the potential to rewire the brain to unlock its unlimited potential - intensifying focus, managing stress and anxiety, and improving resilience, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Question: Naianna, what made you create Neurocompatible?

Meditation has been around for centuries, I’m not exactly reinventing the wheel here! But our scientific knowledge of its incredible brain benefits and rewiring abilities is fairly new and people don’t know enough about it.

Question: Where did your inspiration come from?

My own personal experience of struggling with depression and anxiety after I had my son is what first brought me to practice meditation daily, as a matter of survival. I needed to establish a routine to better look after my mental health and wellbeing, as I was predisposed to only dark and negative thoughts if left to my own devices! When I could finally speak about this part of my life in the past tense, I became hugely inspired to spread the benefits of meditation as a brain-training tool to others.

Meditation has quite literally changed who I am, how I speak to myself, my inner voice, my sense of self-worth, my productivity levels and my time feeling present with my family and my amazing son.

Question: Can you tell me a bit more about The Neurocompatible Meditation Technique?

The technique that I created combines the three most powerful and brain-changing styles of meditation (non-directive meditation, mindfulness and visualisation) into one practice. Based on cutting-edge neuroscience research, each technique has been proven to change different areas of your brain, so when combined, they become like your secret weapon to success and to a new, enhanced version of you. The technique allows you to essentially tap into your dormant potential, to unlock your brain power to reduce how you respond to stress, increase emotional resilience, boost productivity, alertness, drive, and give you an overall calmer and happier life.

Question: How does The Neurocompatible Technique change your brain?

This answer is three-fold. The non-directive meditation component of the technique activates both left and right hemispheres of the brain and increases the speed of information that flows from one hemisphere to the other. This makes you a faster, more productive thinker, and it also boosts your production of dopamine, your feel-good hormone, so it’s like taking your brain to the gym! It also activates your creativity network in the brain, resulting in better ideas and quicker problem-solving.

The mindfulness component activates your prefrontal cortex (the CEO of your brain; responsible for logical, rational thinking) and it dampens down your stress response by changing the way you respond to stress – it helps you to engage that clear and rational part of your mind first, instead of acting on instinctual fight or flight.

The visualisation component is something that has been practiced by elite athletes for ages, I’m just re-directing where the technique is applied. By visualising your goals, you can bring yourself closer to them.

This eliminates the novelty effect, the barriers that we create in front of us, and all the self-doubt and confidence issues keeping us  from achieving our goals. The practice can bring you closer to your goals by keeping them in the forefront of your conscious awareness.

Question: What's next for Neurocompatible?

I’m working on an online course at the moment, I want to make meditation accessible to everyone, to demystify it, to simplify it for people. To spread the message that meditation is literally like nourishing your brain, feeding your brain good things, it’s not a luxury treat that you give yourself occasionally, it’s a mental hygiene habit, just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

I’m currently doing the course in live format in blocks of 4 sessions via Zoom (before its online launch). The next available course starts on Sunday the 26th of July (so each Sunday for 4 weeks). You can learn the complete technique, how you can regain control of your brain and wellbeing, and how to become a self-sufficient meditator and experience all those benefits for life!