There are now over 5 million freelancers working in the UK. According to BBC, The number of freelance workers has been on the up in the UK since 2001 and they now account for around 15% of the entire working population.

According to research, Manchester is the best city in the UK for freelancers. It boasts a huge number of start-ups and has the highest number of freelancers outside of London. Plus, the cost of living is much more reasonable. But, London is London. The city has more than 500,000 startups, with around 10,000 freelancers commanding a higher average hourly rate of £30.

Freelancing is a great way to live and work, which is why at WorkClub are so passionate about supporting this growing workforce with our network of shared workspaces for distributed teams and individuals.

Though as a freelancer, you face a unique set of challenges and risks everyday. Your clients rely on you, and you rely on them, so you need to be properly protected against all scenarios.

This is why we have partnered up with the Dinghy team to give WorkClub members a £15 Amazon voucher to say thank you for joining their flexible insurance service.

Dinghy are not like other insurance businesses, as they have been built by freelancers, for freelancers. The have rethought and redesigned the entire process from the ground up to suit a freelancers life and work style.

Some benefits of being insured by Dinghy:

  1. Dinghy is the world’s first on-demand business insurance for freelancers, you can turn your insurance on and off as required. So if you are not working, or working from home, you can change your insurance and save money.
  2. You pay monthly by default and pay absolutely nothing extra for doing so.
  3. Payment will be taken pro-rata at the end of the current calendar month, so there is literally no cost to get started, just add your card.
  4. You will never pay admin fees. Ever.
  5. Free to leave whenever you want and at no cost.

We at WorkClub love what Dinghy do, and we are excited to be able to promote this exclusive perk for our members. Dinghy’s ongoing mission is to offer freelancers a fully flexible, online policy that can change as they need to and we couldn’t be more supportive of this.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit Dinghy to look through their site. It only takes 45 seconds to get a no obligation quote.