Scaling Your Business As A Solopreneur With Freelancers

Remote Work May 12, 2020

A solopreneur holds their own destiny in their hands. The freedom to work for yourself, by yourself, wherever and whenever is a straight up luxury. However, this also means the responsibility for the success of the business lies solely on your two shoulders. Gulp!

In the early stages of a business, this works great. With just a few clients to manage, you will likely be able to stay afloat. But wait - what happens when your workload becomes a bit heavier and you need an extra pair of hands to keep things running smoothly?

You could go all-in and grow your team, however, when you’re only adding one or two employees, it can be more trouble than it’s worth. Once you bring on official employees, you also have to comply with payroll laws, offer employee benefits, sick days and so much more.

If you’re not yet ready to take on a full team but you need extra help managing your day-to-day workload, hiring freelancers to do these tasks is the next best option.

How to Find a Freelancer

Finding a freelancer isn’t too far off from finding a new employee. First, determine what you need from him/her. For me, this starts with projects I’m a little less excited about - something I want to offload. Create a list of attributes you want the freelancer to have and start putting feelers out.

Next, assess what you’re willing to pay. You don’t want to make the mistake of trying to pay pennies for quality work - this will get you nowhere. Sure, you’re a solopreneur and you’re trying to save where you can, however, you want to come up with something reasonable. There’s a balance between getting a reasonable price for a project and professional results. You will need to find this balance.

Get posting! Use freelancer-targeted job posting sites to get the word out. Specify in the description exactly what you’re looking for. For example, the number of hours, days, weeks the job will take. You can either specify what you’re willing to pay, or alternatively, ask freelancers to mention a quote into their cover letter. The more detailed you are, the quicker you will find your shining star!

If you’re at all worried about how much of a dent this will leave in your wallet, take a deep breath. While adding freelancers to your daily needs does indeed increase your expenses, it’s hugely beneficial for both you and your business to take on the extra help when you need it. When you offload time-consuming tasks to a freelancer, you have more time to focus on growing your business.