Students Can Hugely Benefit From WorkClub: How So?

Remote Work Aug 19, 2021

The benefits of having access to local, flexible workspace are widely-known. Greater choice, improved productivity and a better work-life balance to name just a few.

There is, however, another group that could benefit greatly from having access to flexible, affordable workspaces - can you guess who? Students.

College and university students are now starting to take advantage of the wide range of flexible workspaces that are on their doorstep, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a no brainer.

The typical go-to options for students traditionally include their bedrooms, libraries, local coffee shops, or designated study areas based on-campus. While relatively effective, these spaces sometimes don’t meet the evolving demands for students who have adapted to the modern world of shared productivity.

In an effort to keep school-work interesting, rather than a dreaded task, why not try a new approach to studying and group work this year?

What is WorkClub?

At WorkClub, we are leading the way for remote workers. We offer our users seamless access to a range of coworking spaces, hotels and other third spaces to provide a productive space for all to work and thrive in.

With venues across most major cities across the UK, we offer convenient, affordable and flexible workspace options which will help with those long class assignments. Step off campus and choose from a range of hidden-gems where you can book, walk-in and get to work.

WorkClub enables students with greater flexibility to get work done - wherever and whenever.

Seamless access to endless work and study spots. From all-inclusive coworking spaces to local laptop-friendly hotels and other hospitality venues, we’ve got your off-campus needs covered.

We aim to please all types of students by offering a wide variety of flexible workspaces to suit your individual needs. For example, students can book an entire meeting room for a team project at one of our spaces such as Uncommon or Work.Life. Alternatively, for a more personal study space -- the Death + Victory lounge at Smiths of Smithfield is a great (free) option!

Everything you need from a professional workspace you’d expect, like reliable WiFi, guaranteed seating and refreshments to keep you charged. A WorkClub membership also unlocks a thriving community, freebies, discounts on food and drink for those late-night study sessions, and so much more.

A great place to meet like-minded individuals

Our community is full of people from all kinds of backgrounds. From artists to entrepreneurs, freelancers to CEO’s - you’ll be surrounded by a community who are passionate about what they do and who they represent. And, who knows, you may even find a seat next to your future employer.

The opportunities are endless (to a limit). Download the WorkClub app today and get a free WorkClub Plus membership for 30-days, which gives you access to the best rates in town! Some passes are up to 50% off for WorkClub Plus members.