The Future of Sustainability - DASH Water

Webinar Jul 01, 2020

DASH Water was founded in 2017 by two friends, Alex and Jack, on a mission to encourage people to start drinking more water and stop throwing away deliciously-wonky fruit and veg.

These delicious, thirst-quenching beverages can be found across 5,000 stores across the EU including, but not limited to, Sainsburys, Ocado, Boots, and Ocado. In more recent news, DASH is expanding to the US through a strategic partnership with tech-enabled beverage distributor, Iris Nova.

We managed to get DASH Co-Founder Alex to join us for our recent webinar on the future of sustainability post-covid and have the Q&A blog feature to share with.

Question: Alex, What made you create DASH?

We started Dash to give a fresh perspective on the soft drinks industry. We use the fruit & veg which is rejected by supermarkets to create a delicious no sugar, no sweetener beverage.

Dash is now found in 15 countries and stocked in UK retailers including British Airways, Sainsbury’s, Soho House, Boots, Ocado and our Weshop.

Question: Where did your inspiration come from?

My co-founder and I both come from farming backgrounds, after seeing first hand that 1/3 of fruit & veg goes to waste in the Western world we wanted to do something about it.

We buy surplus fruit from farms to create a delicious beverage without any of the bad stuff and truly believe that that’s the way things should be made

Question: What’s your personal DASH favourite flavour?

Traditionally the Cucumber has been my favourite, however I now find myself drinking a couple cans of the new Peach flavour each day!

Question: What are your goals for the rest of 2020?

This year our aim is to infuse over 125 tonnes of surplus fruit and veg - that’s the same weight as a Blue Whale, but we know we can do it.

Question: How has COVID impacted DASH?

We’ve been fortunate that from a supply chain perspective we’ve been ok as we create our drinks locally in the UK. With parts of our traditional retail outlets closing during lockdown our direct to consumer Webshop has been a saviour with people choosing to buy Dash online instead of their local coffee shop or bar. Our sales have gone up tenfold online and it’s also engaging new people to hear all about the brand.

Question: How have the team done throughout this time? Is remote working something you’ll look to take forward in the future?

Fantastically well, the last three months have been the most tricky period throughout our journey and our young dynamic team have delivered in spades. We were used to parts of our working week out of the office and it’s certainly something we’ll take forward. It’s given both employers and employees the chance to see that people can work from home, can be productive and the business can still run well.

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