The Importance of Community

Lifestyle May 12, 2020

The office of the future will be more than just a place to do business. It will be an important part of society that is well-connected, capable, globally aware and responsible.

The inherent need for human connection, both social and professional, fuels the future of the office environment. Individuals who are part of a coworking environment are part of something greater than themselves alone. They are part of a community.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word community is “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” A community is characterized by a sense of belonging, opportunities, growth, ideas and more. Connection opportunities with other individuals is a big reason why we choose to work within a coworking community.. Coworking spaces provide a pleasing and warm environment which promotes creativity.

The coworking community is suitable to all kinds of professionals with different backgrounds and specialties. Rather than sitting silently beside a stranger in the office, individuals can now work alone, together. By exploring the possibilities of community engagement, joint enterprises, knowledge growth and more, members of a coworking space suddenly have it all.

A coworking community provides endless opportunities for individuals to connect and be inspired. In a world where they otherwise couldn’t be, small businesses can now be connected to big opportunities.

Collaboration within a coworking community makes it an incredible place for engaging in a rapidly changing and interconnected workforce. In a coworking space, individuals benefit from having a strong community of like-minded individuals around them to aid in their success.

A community who helps to inspire, support and encourage individuals to accomplish more.At WorkClub, We consider ourselves as much a hospitality company as we do a workspace provider. We aim to know our members on a first-name basis and we’re continuously striving to facilitate connections between members, and beyond.

In a coworking space, an individual joins as one and becomes part of something much bigger, a thriving community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs and more.