Venue Spotlight: Mindspace

Venue Spotlight Oct 04, 2021

The car industry speaks of the hybrid-engine as the best of both worlds. Economical and environmentally-friendly on an as-needed basis, with a powerful, fuel-driven component for faster, longer journeys. Now, imagine the working world to be speaking of the hybrid-office, bringing with it the same flexibility?

The shift away from the traditional, 9-5, office has accelerated in a post-pandemic world as businesses, both big and small explore new work arrangements, out of both necessity and opportunity.

According to a survey from Envoy on the return to the office, 71% of employees would choose a hybrid-work model, splitting work between in-office and remote, while only 12% would prefer to work remotely every day.

Today, there is a huge demand for a collaborative, fully furnished workspace solution much like Mindspace, which offers a space for every business to thrive.

As businesses adapt to changing requirements throughout the rest of 2021, the future will continue to see a shift in businesses both large and small from one main location to several flexible workspace options scattered across ‘hubs’ throughout the country.

We are incredibly excited to have Mindspace, Hammersmith and Shoreditch locations, on the WorkClub App which gives businesses and remote workers access to flexible workspaces and meeting rooms as-needed.

Mindspace brings forward-looking enterprises, SMBs, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers together in London’s most happening neighbourhoods. Teams of all sizes are housed in the heart of the action with a tight-knit community of experts to collaborate with and leverage, as well as the freedom to work from all of Mindspace’s European locations at no extra charge.

In a city steeped in so much culture, innovation, history, tech, creativity, and art – Mindspace is where it all comes together. Their spaces are exquisitely designed to celebrate versatility, adding even more colour and inspiration to the great old town.

An workspace at Mindspace Hammersmith means being in the centre of it all, surrounded by top global corporations in media and fashion, and easily accessible by public transport and car. When it comes to coworking space in Hammersmith– you won’t find a better or more engaging location.

Located just off of Shoreditch High Street, Mindspace Shoreditch has been designed as a space for you and your business to thrive. You can enjoy a fully-furnished workspace, ultra-fast Internet, IT support, printing facilities, coffee and tea bars, and so much more.

If you're ready to collaborate, brainstorm and communicate as a team again in a safe environment, Mindspace is a great solution to your back to office plan. ⁠

The world of working is changing at a fast-paced rate. With more people than ever before working from home on a flexible basis, there has never been a better time to book yourself into a vibrant workspace for the hour, day or week.

If you’re in search of a flexible workspace for the day in either Hammersmith or Shoreditch, why not pop into Mindspace through the WorkClub App?  You won’t regret it!