Heighten your Remote Work Experience with Blue Light Blockers from Ocushield

Member Perks Nov 18, 2021

With pandemic restrictions easing back, many professionals who realized the practicality and freedom of working remotely, are opting to remain in positions that let them do just that.

While commuting times may have gotten shorter (as in, from the bedroom to your local WorkClub venue), the time spent in front of our computers has not.

According to a poll with Independent, The average adult will spend the equivalent of 34 years of their lives staring at screens. The questionnaire taken by 2,000 people in Britain found they spent more than 4,866 hours a year on average using gadgets such as phones, laptops and televisions.

It can be tricky to know when to shut it down, and step away from electronics for the day.  With a more heavily blurred line between work and play, and sometimes working odd hours around kids and family, we might be looking at a screen later than we should, resulting in a harder time getting to sleep, and trouble with headaches and vision due to blue light.

You may be thinking - what can I do to help protect my eyes from the blue light exposure?

Invest in a blue-light blocker, of course! With remote working and hybrid setups here to stay, being as comfortable as possible from wherever you choose to work will result in a more productive, stress-free life.

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Ocushield - medically rated screen protectors that filter out harmful blue light to protect your eyes. Blue light is a segment of the visible light spectrum responsible for keeping you alert. It’s naturally present in sunlight, but is also concentrated in the light that comes out of your digital devices – phones, tablets, laptops, everything! And that’s not a good thing.

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, Ocushield is the world’s first and only medically rated blue light blocking screen protector. Developed by qualified optometrists, the medically rated screen protectors for smartphones and tablets effectively block up to 99% of harmful UV and blue light emissions between 300-400nm and up to 40% of harmful blue light between 400-470nm.

When your eyes are healthy, you sleep better, you feel better, and you get more done. By taking care of your eyes, you take care of so much more. Exclusive to WorkClub members, Ocushield are offering a 30% discount on their range of blue light blockers. Use code: WORKCLUB30 at check out.