WorkClub Safety Pledge

News Jun 30, 2020

We want our community to feel safe while visiting our spaces. That’s why we have worked with our partners to develop the WorkClub Safety Pledge.

The program is a voluntary pledge that our spaces take to ensure that their space goes above and beyond government requirements to support the health and safety of our members

Safe space standards:

- Mask required: please bring your own face mask

- Hand sanitizer provided on site

- Safety signage: signs that allow guests to safely navigate shared amenities

- Contingency plan and action: a clear plan for handling emergencies such as outbreaks and staff shortages

- 1-meter distance between workstations

- Overnight deep cleaning: guests will always arrive in a thoroughly cleaned work area

- Safe food and beverage service: a safety-first approach such as compostable and disposable cups, touch-less dispensers, and required dishwasher use

Identifying safe spaces:

A WorkClub Safe Space badge will appear next to the spaces that have taken the WorkClub Safety Pledge and met the necessary requirements.

View a space’s COVID response:

If you navigate to a space’s profile, you can see more details of that individual space's COVID response.