WorkClub @ The White Haus

Venue Spotlight May 12, 2020

Venue Name: The White Haus  Venue Address: 17 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AB

Dreaming of the slopes and fun of après ski? Then join us at WorkClub @ The White Haus.

With three floors of rustic décor complete with cosy corners, cuckoo clocks and vintage cable cars, The White Haus brings the joys of ski season to the heart Farringdon.

Whether you’re looking for a more secluded hot desk or a communal space to host a team meeting, WorkClub @ The White Haus is the perfect workspace. The upstairs balcony provides more relaxed style seating with an open-plan layout filled with relaxed sofas and low tables. Alternatively, pop down to the lower level where you will find more of a secluded, private space to plug-in for the day.

We met up with Caroline, Sales and Events Manager at WorkClub @ The White Haus, to get the inside scoop on this amazing space.

Q: Where’s the best spot to plug-in at The White Haus?

A: In the basement! It’s a nice and private space perfect for chatting with other WorkClubbers.

Q: What is the best time for WorkClubbers to visit the venue?

A: The morning is a great time to find a peaceful environment.

Q: What team member makes the best cup of coffee?

A: Gosha makes a cracking cup of coffee!

Q: What is the best brain fuel on the menu?

A: Ah, it has to be the Bavarian hot dog sausage -- yum!