WorkClub x Juno: The Life Company

News Nov 16, 2020

Juno is an employee wellbeing brand which offers all-in-one employee benefits from just £24/month. We recently caught up with Verity Roach, Head of Marketing at Juno to explore more in-depth how the team at Juno is building a platform that will give everybody the chance to be their happiest and most productive selves at work. After all, a happy team is a productive team.

Tell us about Juno

Juno is an on-demand wellness hub. Everything we do is aimed at driving a stronger well-being for all of our members. With over 300 quality partners sitting on the platform, we think about our members' needs and stress points; ensuring we have a broad mix of experiences to offer. We work closely with every partner; creating content and sharing advice to our members on building a more sustained and supported wellbeing.

How is Juno doing things differently?

We’d like to think we’re doing a few things differently:

1. We are redefining what wellbeing means. For us, wellbeing isn’t just ‘belly breaths and lunges’. We think about the parents working 9-5 and the pile of washing they have to do. We think about the 20 year old who started their first job and has never done an appraisal. We think about the 30 year old saving for a house. Everyone is different and our stresses and worries come in different forms, the solution should too.

2. We give the power to the people! You wouldn’t let your boss organise your birthday party, so why would they decide what makes you your strongest self? Our platform gives a huge breadth of choice so it isn’t just yoga in a meeting room that’s for offer.

3. We bring all this with a human touch. With a dedicated customer service team on hand 24/7 and a personal concierge service to sort those crazy, unexpected stresses (emergency plumber? We got you!) - we’re here for your every need.

What can we do to help support one and other and drive a supported wellbeing?

1. For employers, simply put - invest money and put the power and choice in the hands of their employees! Giving support to your employees and helping them shape a sustained wellbeing breads a happy, healthy workforce. One who feels inspired and empowered to do their job.

2. Actively encourage engagement. With every will in the world, we can get stuck in our ways and our to do lists take over. Whilst we can’t force someone to do something, we can actively encourage those around us to ‘take a moment’ or lean on the support system in place at work.

3. Drive the conversation and don’t shy away from having a voice. Your voice will encourage people around you and give support in times of need.