WorkClub x Rightlane Productions

News May 12, 2020

Crowdfunding is no easy task - you need to be 100% committed to achieving your target, otherwise you will fall short. To make it even more of a challenge, we were working with a limited budget to put together a pitch that needed to be incredibly convincing.

For me, the most important part of the pitch was the video. This medium was always going to be our most powerful tool for our crowdfunding raise, as it allowed my team and I to engage with potential investors, members and clients.

So, what are the ingredients of a successful crowdfunding video? We knew we wanted to create a high-quality video pitch that would tell our story. The video needed to be a powerful, engaging and personal to help us achieve our target of £250,000.

To accomplish our mission, we turned to the WorkClub community. Since WorkClub supports a range of small to medium sized businesses, we were confident on finding the skills needed to put together a great video, within our own community.

Within no time, Tom Wynne of Rightlane Productions responded to our job request. As an early WorkClub adopter, Tom and his team understood our business well and were excited to support us.

Rightlane Productions is more than just a production house, they are a creative media agency that specialises in social media projects, fundraising campaigns and branded promos. Their task was to create a video that emotionally connected with the viewer in a short amount of time and we were confident they could pull it off.

Our experience with Rightlane Productions has been seamless from the start. When we first met the team, it was instantly obvious we had found the right people to work with. On filming day, we met up with Rightlane’s video producer Butch, who instantly was a hit with everyone! Butch took charge from the start and directed the team in such a professional way. His calm approach helped us all to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Working with Butch was an absolute pleasure!

Over two-days, Rightlane Productions and WorkClub worked hand-in-hand to create our story. Seth Godin got it spot on when he said - “Marketing is no longer about the products we sell, but the stories we tell.” It was important for us to show our product in detail and how it actually worked, which is why we filmed in multiple WorkClub’s across London.

Consumers love entrepreneurs, doers, thinkers, founders, innovators. So our biggest strengths in all this was….us. Rightlane Productions made sure we harnessed those strengths to create this powerful message.

In two weeks, Rightlane Productions had filmed, edited and delivered their first draft video to the team. It was nothing short of impressive! After a couple of tweaks, we had our final video.

The video was made public on the 12th of September at one of our WorkClub evening events and the response was brilliant. Our attendees were very impressed with the video and its’ ability to tell the WorkClub story in a clear and engaging way.

On the morning of the 13th, our Crowdcube pitch went live. Just 4 days later, we had hit our target of £250k. Now sitting at 138% funded, we are looking forward to closing the round in 10 days and pushing ahead with all our exciting plans.

Securing funds is always going to be a challenging task for founders, however if you have all the right ingredients, the end result should be what you expect. Thank you Tom, we look forward to working with you and Rightlane Productions in the future.